Cycling Routes – Genting Perez – Malaysia

Malaysia Cycling - Local Roads

Distance: 150 kilometres
Time: 5-7 Hours
Difficulty: Medium
Climbs: 5

The Route

Est. Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain
06:01:39 145.60 2,156.74
hours km meters

Head east out of KL. At a mere 12.6 kilometres from the Park Royal you are greeted by your first climb.

First Climb – Lookout North Side

It is a category 4 climb consisting of three steps with a lookout at the top.

A length of 3.2 kilometres and 133m gain with an average gradient of 4% makes this climb sound reasonable however the three steps boast sections of 8-10% gradients.

Once you cross the lookout and descent into the valley cars become a memory. You are, for the most part, riding amongst the wilderness, trees and monkeys.

The road rides flat for 5 kilometres before the next climb.

Second Climb – Bukit Hantu

Bukit Hantu is a category 3 climb at 3.4 kilometres in length with 228 metres vertical gain and an average gradient of 6%. This climb also steps up however it is a mixed climb with short sections of 9-10%, lengths of 6-8% and flatter 3% sections mixed together making this a challenging but enjoyable climb.

A fast descent over the other side drops you off at the base of Genting Perez.

42 kilometres into the ride, at the base of Perez, is a great place to stop and regroup.

Third Climb – Genting Perez West Side

Genting Perez is 9.8 kilometres in length with an elevation gain of 300 metres making for an average gradient of 3.4%.

Genting Perez Ascent - Kuala Lumpur Cycling - Iron Mike Musing

The climb is quite constant, however there are short sections of road where the gradient eases slightly, giving your legs a bit of respite. The length of this climb and slight headwind bring the challenge here.

Once you reach the top there is a sign post and a grassy area to regroup.

A very fast, open, winding descent awaits with 2 categorised lumps to overcome before the bulk of the descent can be enjoyed. You will most certainly forget these lumps on the return journey.

Genting Perez Descent - Kuala Lumpur Cycling - Iron Mike Musing

Turn left at the bottom of Perez and following the lovely local village road around in a clockwise direction where you will enjoy a relatively flat road. A small but steep climb will await before the end of the loop where you will want to stop for lunch after 85 kilometres of riding.

The lunch stop is at the T junction where you meet with the main road. The restaurant is on the left hand side of the junction.

Local Roads - Kuala Lumpur Cycling - Iron Mike Musing

Fourth Climb – Genting Perez East Side

After lunch, follow the main road north west and head back over Genting Perez.

The climb feels different on the back side. It is 13.2 kilometre length and the 3 peaks can make you question your sanity, I don’t remember it being like this on the way out!

The descent on the West side of Genting Perez is one that all riders can enjoy. 9.8 kilometres of new and smooth surface is just dreamy to ride down.

The bends are never too sharp and the beautiful consistency of the gradient allows those who are less confident to build a good rhythm on this descent.

The next place to stop and regroup is again at the bottom of Perez. From there you could either keep heading straight; climbing back over Bukit Hantu or turn right and skip the climb.

We opt to skip the climb and the route takes you around a loop to the north, skipping the climb and meeting the outbound road at the base of the lookout climb.

Fifth Climb – Lookout South Side

Here you will be back into traffic so stay alert and stick to the left side of the road. There is ample shoulder to ride however the surface can vary. Trucks have left a line of cement on the side of the road so riding single file is recommended.

Up the back of the lookout climb can be described as sharp and stepping. There are 3 steps which all have sections of 8-10%. The climb is 4 kilometres at an average gradient of 4.1%, climbing a total of 167 metres.

The last section of the ride to enjoy is a fast, open descent back to civilisation; with traffic. Be careful. At the base of the lookout climb there are 2 speed humps which can be hard to spot. You do NOT want to hit those at 50kph (trust me…).

From here you are an easy 12.6 kilometre roll back into town.

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