Cycling Routes – Goulburn – Australia

Goulburn Cycling Routes

I recently spent some time in Goulburn and was able to ride some of the local loops. To say the riding here is challenging is accurate. The combination of rolling roads and constant wind makes for great training. A couple of the local loops are as follows.

Mountain Ash and Windellama

Est. Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain
03:38:10 87.84 848.45
hours km meters

Overall the ride is ~90 kilometres with almost 1,000 metres of climbing. A great ride around some superb roads south of Goulburn.

Head south out of town, over the freeway and turn left onto Mountain Ash Road. Riding towards Bungonia the climb up and over Gundary range peaks at an elevation of 735 metres. It rides quite fast, steps up, and rolls and undulates. Usually a tailwind can be found. Enjoy the tailwind.

Roughly 25 kilometres into the ride, pass through Bungonia and continue on the same road heading south. A steady cross, cross headwind will accompany you for the remainder of the ride. Get settled, but fear not as the picturesque landscape will take your mind off the wind.

Windellama is 20 kilometres due south of Bungonia. The road undulates along until reaching Windellama road where you want to turn right. From here it’s another 20 kilometres into a headwind climbing up past Muffets road at a peak of 706 metres.

Past Moffets road it’s another 20 kilometre section heading due north, the road has a negative split the whole way back to the freeway crossing. There is another small peak to overcome before the road opens up and rides fast all the way back into town.

Mullens Creek Road

Est. Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain
02:33:58 61.99 622.86
hours km meters

At 62 kilometres in legnth with 600 metres of climbing, this loop will give you enough of a ride that will leave you with some heavy legs.

Head North West out of town along Gurrundah road. Expect a headwind on the way out. The road undulates as it climbs. Some steeper sections but more or less constant undulations into the wind.

Once you turn left at Gurrundah road and cross the river the road flattens a little and you get some cover from the wind in amongst the trees. Enjoy the flat roads for 8 kilometres before a 7.2 kilometre climb up towards the wind farm in the distance, with an max elevation of 850 metres. The climb has 3 peaks. It drops twice before hitting the peak elevation. They don’t put wind farms on top of hills for no reason.

Turn left onto Mullens Creek Road and enjoy a fast descent with a cross tailwind for the next 13 odd kilometres until you rejoin the highway.

Along the highway, if your legs have anything left, now is the time to open up the afterburners. A stiff tailwind will whisk you home along the 17.4 kilometre section where the Strava KOM is just 19:31 (at the time of writing). It’s a fast section of road. But be cautious as the highway traffic can shoot past like you’re standing still. There are 2 bridges on which the road narrows, so keep your ears open and check for large vehicles as you approach those.

Gaps Road Loop

Est. Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain
01:25:31 34.43 358.69
hours km meters

Much like the Mullens Creek Road loop, except 25 kilometres shorter totalling 35 kilometres and 360 metres of climbing. This similar but shorter loop is achieved by turning left at Gap Road after zig zagging at Gurrundah road.

Gap Road has a distinct 3 peak profile with elevation peaks at 710 metres, 737 metres and 737 metres. Gradients of 10-12 % to test the legs as well, especially after riding into the wind.

Once you clear the peaks it’s all downhill to the highway and again a fast run back into town.

Middle Arm Road

Est. Moving Time Distance Elevation Gain
01:25:31 34.43 358.69
hours km meters

I wasn’t able to ride Middle Arm Road however it’s another staple. An out and back which considering the road orientation will be relatively neutralised in terms of wind. Most likely a cross head on the way out and a cross tail on the way home.

Around 50km return and a steady climb on the outbound leg means for a fast return to town.


Being a remote city Goulburn has a lot to offer cyclists. Quiet roads in good condition coupled with challenging conditions make for excellent training grounds.

The two bike shops in town are the GreenGrocer and Terrys Bikes. The GreenGrocer is where a lot of the group rides head out from and you can find them posted on the greengrocer log on facebook.

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