Everesting attempt in Singapore

Pain Face - Iron Mike Musing

Everesting on a bike is a simple concept; pick a hill and ride as many repeats as needed to climb the height of Mt Everest. A total of 8,848 metres elevation gain in a single ride where stops are allowed but sleep is not. You can read the full Everesting rules here.

There have been Everesting attempts in Singapore so this is not a new concept. Alan Grant’s Mt Faber Everesting in 2014 is a great example of what the ride will entail.

On January 20th 2018 I will attempt to Everest Hendon Road and hope to raise money for Qhubeka and the cycling community in Singapore. By completing this challenge I hope to raise $5,000 for Qhubeka and $5,000 for cycling in Singapore.

Why do this? Well, why not?

I like to challenge myself and starting 2018 with a challenge seems like the best way to get the year started.

Everesting Ride Details

10 Laps Hendon Rd - Iron Mike Musing
10 Laps of Hendon – 34x 10 Laps will be required

Date: 20th January 2018
Time: 4am – 6pm
Distance: 240-250 Kilometres
Laps: 341 Laps
Elevation: 8,866 metres
Time: 11-14 hours
HillHendon Road

Please come join me for a few laps of Hendon Road, donate to the cause or just come and say hi on your Saturday ride!

6 thoughts on “Everesting attempt in Singapore

  1. Great to hear you are doing this and raising some money at the same time ! It’s a tough challenge but pace yourself, eat well and you’ll smash it. Also great to see that you signed up for our July Everest trip too. A group of us are considering staying a few days longer on the trip and having another crack at Everesting Everest. If all goes well in Singapore you should join us. Also in the early stages of planning some fundraising around it and Qhukeba is on my list as well. Good luck with it and see you in Tibet.

  2. Go Mike! While I dont personally know you, cycling for charity is always a worthy cause. Remember to eat well, pace yourself well and it will all be mental, more than physical.

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