The evolution of CX Racing in Singapore

Cyclocross bunny hop - Iron Mike Musing

There’s no surprise that I like CX racing. The combination of technical ability, outright rage power and throwing caution to the wind makes for an exciting and challenging ride, which is completely independent of skill level.

An evolution usually shows the history to the present point in time and suggests the future… well 

The important thing is the Cycosports CX course removed a lot of the “jungle” area which was not particularly fun for anyone new to the off-road thing.

To ensure the course kept a reasonable lap distance and to keep the race competitive the jungle riding was replaced with grassy lanes that are much more inline with the spirit of modern day CX races.

The Course

The course follows the white line on the left edge of the picture. The CX course then follows the purple line before re-joining the while line where the red line and purple lines come together.  

If you have not thought about riding CX before, or thought the course was too hard or shit I urge you to have another go!

The next JungleCross IV CX race is 23rd September. 

Want to race but don’t have a bike?

Treknology3 have Trek CX bikes on sale at the moment.

If you are going to Treknology3 to look at bikes please feel free to mention my name or this blog. You might even get a discount. For full disclosure I don’t get any kick backs.

Valley Cycles also have some bikes for hire.

What does it all mean?

Cyclocross is growing in Singapore and it’s time to jump on the band wagon.

Cyclocross is great training for road racing, you need to do repeated hard efforts and you’ll learn new bike handling skills while having a great time. 

Races are only an hour long (or less) so it wont take up more than 2 hours of your day to come, race then go home. 

The added bonus is there are 6 races on the calendar and if the race continues to grows we could see a monthly race, or even a race every other week. 

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