Race Review – Masters Tour of Chiang Mai 2017

2017 Masters Tour of Chiang Mai

The 7th edition of Masters Tour of Chiang Mai ran between 21st and 24th of October. What a great 4 days of racing it was. The 2nd year I have raced and arguably in a harder field than the previous year. Strong representation from Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand teams saw most fields packed with talent. The yellow jersey swapped shoulders each day and it was, in the end, a climbers race.

Supporting your local cycling community

Cycling is an inclusive activity and an active community makes it a fun community to be apart of. For the community to grow and prosper we need to support it and its local events.

In Singapore there is a fantastic opportunity to shape the future of cycling. The SCF has a renewed energy and the community is starting to buzz, however there is still a gap when compared to other nations in terms of consistent racing; weekly and monthly events.