Trips FAQ

How do I know if my place is confirmed?

You you will receive an email with the subject “Place Confirmed for <trip name>”.

If you have not received the email and think you should have a confirmed place please email me.

Where is the departure location?

For KL trips we will usually depart from West Coast McDonalds car park.

The departure location for each trip will in the first email sent out to confirmed riders.

How steep are the climbs?

The climbs encountered in each trip will vary on the route. Most of the climbs around Asia are either quite shallow or incredibly steep.

The climbs for most trips will range from 3% to 10% and sometimes over.

What gearing should I use?

Gearing is a personal preference and more gears are usually better than less when climbing. If you are in doubt it’s better to put on a larger rear cassette if available.

On almost all trips an 11-28 cassette will suffice for most recreational riders. Some riders will prefer to run an 11-32 cassette.

Is there a group riding my speed?

In most cases trips are organised with all riders in mind. On the road groups will naturally form and some groups will roll faster than others. 

There will be re-group points along the route and we aim to regroup to have lunch together. 

Is there a support vehicle?

On most trips we will have a support vehicle.

In the support vehicle there will (usually) be drinks and some food. Banana bread and fruit are the staple options.

Depending on the trip we might have multiple support vehicles.

Can I put a bag in the support vehicle?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to place a small day bag in the support vehicle.

What are the total costs?

The costs will vary for each trip. The event sign-up page will indicate the out of pocket costs for transport and support van.

The hotel costs will be an additional costs to the transport and support van costs. You will pay the hotel directly.

How do I book the Hotel?

Information on how to book the hotel will be in the first email sent out to confirmed riders.

Can I share a hotel room?

Yes, you are more than welcome to share a hotel room to lower your costs.

If you are looking to share a room but aren’t sure who to share with, there is a column on the spreadsheet indicating hotel sharing preferences. Please reach out to those riders directly to arrange.

Roommates will not be assigned for riders unless rooms are strictly limited and everyone will need to share.

When is the next trip?

Please check the Trips page to see what upcoming trips are planned.